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Shrek. I love Shrek. Shrek heart. Shrek movie. I love. Disney, Ipad, Characters, Meme, Shrek Character, Fotos, Random, Family
a man wearing a suit and tie making the vulcan sign with his fingers while sitting in front of a window
the words are written in black ink on a white sheet of paper that says, un po'di mare e tutto passa
Un po’ di mare e tutto passa
an advertisement for spotify with the caption can i get a kiss? and can you make it last forever?
see you again - tyler the creator 🌻
the words when in doubt always blame a man on a red and beige background
When in doubt always blame a man, funny women jokes about men by hb-wolfarts
taxi cabs and taxis drive past the entrance to an office building in new york city
two people sitting on a bench in front of a city skyline with the words new york nowhere
two people holding up signs that say ferrari is my red flag and ferrari is my
a man with tattoos and a pink hat on his head is singing into a microphone
an old envelope with the words most ardenly written on it
a man sitting in the driver's seat of a car
Jim Halpert