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Rose and Scorpius — roxychan97: I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING ( this art is...

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Hey I'm prince Dylan. I'm 18 and my sister is Anne. I follow the rules and I'm single. I'm going to be King soon so I'm busy with that

(Open rp) i walk along the road trying to balance on the curb, my face scrunched up in concentration and my tongue sticking out, it's a wonder my earbuds didn't fall out, i stick my arms out straight and realize how rediculous I look but oh well there's no one here anyway...suddenly I hear a voice "what.are you doing?" I guess I was wrong about no one being here (open rp)

funny the maze runner - Google zoeken

I don't know where this is or how this happened, but I should have been there. I should be there right now. DYLAN O'BRIEN

I just started watching Teen Wolf (sadly because of school I'm still on season 1 episode 8) but I am in love and obsessed with this show! :D I freaking love Stiles man!

Teen Wolf Saison 6