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DJI Mavic Pro and a Brevite Camera Backpack giveaway! via @Brevitedesign @Lumoidit

10 incredibly useful photo-taking tips. This isn't hair, makeup or nails, but I didn't know where else to put it :P

DSLR Photography Tip: How to use a Graduated Filter in Lightroom to save blown skies *Make the sky blue again!

How to Whiten Eyes & Teeth in Lightroom | Pretty Presets for Lightroom

Learning Adobe Lightroom starts with getting to know the basic photo editing tools. Take your images from bland to grand with these tips! Part 2 of an in-depth 6 part FREE tutorial.

How to use Adobe Lightroom session 6: learn how to watermark and export photos from Lightroom so you can share them with the world! Repin to have links to all the other free tutorials handy in the post!

FREE 6-part Adobe Lightroom tutorial. In this guide, you’ll learn all of the basics to get started editing photos in Adobe Lightroom, and make your photos look amazing!

In this Adobe Lightroom tutorial on presets, you'll learn: What is a Preset, How to Use Presets, and How to Find and Install New Presets. You'll love them!

In this Adobe Lightroom free tutorial, you'll learn the intermediate photo editing tools. Improve your pictures with crop, HSL, curves, sharpen, vignette and much more! Plus, this lesson links to all the others in this Lightroom photo editing series. Click thru to learn!

In this free Adobe Lightroom training, you’ll learn advanced photo editing techniques. Blemish and red-eye removal, graduated and radial filters, and more! The entire 6-part tutorial is FREE. Click the pin to learn!