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Lulu Andrej

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Lulu Andrej
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Frozen - Concept Art

Frozen Concept Art Walt Disney Animation Studios has released concept art and character visual development art for Frozen which is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen.


He was telling the truth, he would never shut her out.<<<<*shudders in disgust* ooooooohhhhh, now this guy is the worst Disney villan EVER. Frozen 2 better not deal with his redemption of anything, or I may sue Disney or disown the movie.

Lace spats - cute : ) I just love spats, gonna have to make myself some!

mori-girl-inspired: hmmm… this has my creative little DIY brain spinning with ideas. I think I could stitch up something similar to work with the Doc Marten’s I got last year (they look pretty close to the style and color of the boots in this image).