Semplicemente Chic: Biscotti di pan brioche a forma di coniglio!

Edible Decorations for Easter Meal with Kids, 25 Creative Presentation and Food Design Ideas


13 Fun Party Ideas

Black olive, cream cheese and carrot penguin party food, appetizer,

Corazones de salchicha rellenos de huevo

Saucisse knack coeur - sausage hot dog hears filled with egg centers Valentines breakfast ideas for kids

Pig sausage bread ~#provestra

Piggy Biscuit (picture only) - looks like dinner rolls with hot dogs, covered with an egg or milk wash so they bake with a sheen and the ears stay on.

N7 il cibo nella mia vita ha anche un ruolo di "rilassamento" e "goduria" nel momento in cui mangio...quindi un piatto è assolutamente prefribile se anche bello da vedere....con composizioni originale ed anche divertenti....

Tropical fruit plate - kiwi, banana, sm oranges arranged to make palm trees - cute idea for luau party snack - 1 tree/kid

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Amazing Dinner Rolls - I can't even count how many times I've made them. A family favorite for sure! These rolls are aaaaamazing. Oh my goodness I have never had homemade rolls that are this delicious.


I'm picturing some type of hell hound shaped danish with a cheese/cream dog bone coming out of it's mouth. Mummy hot dogs already taken. How to Bake Dog Shaped Hot Dog Sandwich

Ricette con zucchine semplici e veloci da preparare in anticipo,conserve con le zucchine,stuzzichini con le zucchine e tante altre idee

Ricette con zucchine,ricette facili e veloci

Zucchini Swivels with Ham,Eggs and Cheese - A nice starter.Try it with Egglant.

tulipani di pomodoro e formaggio spalmabile...fiori commestibili, questi sì che mi piacciono

tulip tomatoes 13 large cherry or small Roma tomatoes 14 stalks of green onions or chives for the stems farmers cheese or cottage cheese for filling (or you could use goat cheese, egg or chicken salad) 1 cucumber teaspoon dried basil Salt and pepper