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a bed room with a neatly made bed and a rug on the floor next to it
This Historic Paris Triplex Redefines Museum-Worthy
Its furnishings were sourced from the wood of historic army barracks and the Victoria & Albert Museum.
a bedroom with a large painting on the wall
Rafael de Cárdenas unveils model residence interiors for Manhattan’s supertall skyscraper
Rafael de Cárdenas at 111 W 57th Street supertall skyscraper | Wallpaper
a white bed sitting next to a window in a bedroom under a framed painting on the wall
a white room with a large mirror on the wall and a chair in front of it
V&W PADDINGTON BOUTIQUE | 30 Glenmore Road, Paddington, NSW
a bed sitting in the middle of a bedroom next to a painting on the wall
O novo apartamento de Eron Araújo, o cabeleireiro das famosas
Eron Araújo, o cabeleireiro das famosas, mostra seu novo apartamento (Foto: Fernando Lombardi)