"Space is Luxury". A bed that gives extra space when we need it

People think "Space is Luxury" A bed disappears in the ceiling ready to give the space necessary for daylight activities. By Renato Arrigo architects interiors design bed space architecture

15 Unique DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Ideas | DIY and Crafts I like this diy bed made with pallets and string lights in the cubbie holes but wonder how much weight it would hold?

Your simple and ordinarily diy pallet bed will become diy pallet light bed. This idea of light with bed become people crazy about diy and pallet bed ideas.

5 DIY Beds Made From Wooden Pallets | 99 Pallets

5 DIY Beds Made From Wooden Pallets

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The Shadow House / Liddicoat & Goldhill

Cereza House // Warm Architects // Cancún, México

Cereza House / Warm Architects

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If you love DIY projects and LEGOs then this is the perfect thing for you! Check out this DIY LEGO key hanger by Felix Grauer!

Modern living room

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Zen Interior Design : Things You Should Know and How To Get it In Your Room. Do you want to get the way to create Zen Interior Design inside your home? I think you should read this first before you do that because this is the guide about Zen Style