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Magnificent bastard lol

" – He wasn't even known as Ben Linus yet. Locke was talking to him through the closed armory door, begging to know if he REALLY pushed the button, and Henry Gale could not have been more pleased.

Lennon & Ono

, First place was given to the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with a photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, made by a famous photographer – Annie Leibowitz. A few hours after this photo was taken, John Lennon was murdered – December

PIerpaolo Capovilla

PIerpaolo Capovilla


Philippe Halsman: Dali Atomicus, 1948 Before modern, computerized techniques in image manipulation, Philippe Halsman shot this photograph of Salvador Dali suspended in mid-air. While today this image could easily be replicated in Photoshop, it wasn’t.


Interesante entrevista a Adanoswky y Alejandro Jodorowsky


Although many tarot practitioners apply a Jungian psychological approach to their tarot work, there’s been a question as to whether Jung himself knew anything about tarot. In fact he did, and…