Castello di Wartburg

Wartburg (Eisenach, Germany): Martin Luther hided here and translated the New Testament into German

Castello di Celle

Celle Castle - Celle, Germany Renaissance castle with medieval origins, featuring a highly decorated chapel & Baroque theater.

Burg Hohenzollern

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany - The most amazing castles in the world

Castello di Sondershausen

Castelli in Germania (Europa)

Castello di Glücksburg

Glücksburg Castle (German: Schloss Glücksburg, Danish: Lyksborg Slot) is a castle (Schloss) in the town of Glücksburg, Germany. It is one of the most important Renaissance castles in northern Europe

Castello di Moritzburg

Moritzburg Castle, Germany Schloss Moritzburg is a Baroque castle in the municipality of Moritzburg in the German state of Saxony, about 13 km northwest of the Saxon capital Dresden. The castle is famous for its sandstone decorations and stuccoes.

Castelli di Augustusburg e Falkenlust

Augustusburg Palace and Gardens, Brühl, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Castello Imperiale di Norimberga

With its traditional Christmas market and inspiring cultural and historical sites, Nuremberg deserves a spot on your Germany itinerary.

castello di Bensberg

Althoff Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg Bergisch Gladbach, Germany Buildings Classic Country Grounds Historic Luxury grass château landmark stately home building Architecture palace monastery government building stone square


Get married at Sans Souci Palace, Potsdam, Germany. (Most unlikely) Fredrick The Great's summer residence.been here, absolutely beautiful!

Castello di Wolfsgarten

Aerial view : is that little Princess Elisabeth's playhouse in the distance ?

Castello di Schwerin

Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin - House of Mecklenburg - Gerald Duke of Sutherland Identity Affair