Our loft living, in a nutshell

I love this piece of wall art in this home office - teamed with a gold chair, wonderful!


My brother lives by this quote, and everybody who knows me and my family would know that. color in a coloring book - either of these will help calm and restore. :story of my life

Live every day.

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Never argue with an idiot, he lowers you to his level and beats you with his experience! / Nunca discutas con un idiota, te arrastra a su nivel y te gana con su experiencia.


There will be always another opportunity, another friendship, another love, a new force. For every ending there is a new starting.

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Being able to speak is rare, know how to be silent is wisdom, knowing how to listen is a gift

Duly noted.

All I want is to travel the world in a hippie bus. An amphibious hippie bus so I can cross oceans, too. Not sure if I'd rather park it by the ocean or in the mountains but since it's on wheels.

so simple!

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San Francesco

"Chi lavora con le mani è un operaio, chi lavora con le mani e la testa è un…