claudia claudia

claudia claudia

claudia claudia
More ideas from claudia  MATERIALE: rocailles 11/0 22 perle 4 mm in 3 colori differenti filo ago  Fonte: htt...

beaded ring tutorial - no tute - looks like a netted ring with pearls added in the gaps at the front.

MATERIALE:   44 bicono 4 mm   88 bicono 3 mm   rocailles 11/0 in 2 colori differenti   rocailles 15/0   filo   ago     Fonte: htt...

Cristalia,,,the instructions are pretty clear without the translation

Pattern bijoux: Sfera marrone e azzurra

Directions for a netted beaded bead. Pics are good but may need transl.

Pattern bijoux: Bar and Ring

bead_tutorial: [Tutorial] Bar and Ring ToggleDIY tutorial Ciondolo Modigliani - Superduo / twind beads Pendant