Inspirational Quote Mother Teresa Love Printable

Inspirational Quote Mother Teresa Love Printable ~ Spread love wherever you go; Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

True... look again!!

I am not what you see.just because I am fat and overweight doesn't mean that I am lazy and eat nothing but junk all day. In fact it takes me starving myself for me to loose weight. It's a never ending battle.inside and out


I don't have to explain my decisions to anyone. And no one has to explain their decisions to me.

Do your best always!

20 Places In Asia You Must Visit At Least Once in Your Life

Even the small things count!

My sencond option shows his love more on action but the first option show his love by words cause his kinda shy person but I dunno, I'm still confuse... :/

* Negative words, for example, aren't cancelled out by positive actions. But the point to remember is, "Words & actions go hand in hand." And when it comes to positive words, actions speak louder.

Frasi di Albert Einstein. Lo adoro.

"Se vuoi capire una persona, non acoltare le sue parole, osserva il suo…

I always wanted to go to college but never understood the process.  Rasmussen College made it easy to understand and helped me to realize that it was never too late to begin a new career. #RasSpirit

Eat to Live. Tomorrow is too late, yesterday is over and Now is exactly the right moment so Start.

Impara ad accettare. Non vuol dire rassegnarsi, ma semplicemente non perdere energia dietro a situazioni che non puoi cambiare, remando contro alla serenità della tua giornata.

zo io continuo a dirlo ma qualcuno si ostina a dire stupidaggini.

Wallsticker "Aspettative" nero  40 x 60 cm

Wallsticker "Aspettative" nero 40 x 60 cm

Paulo Coelho

"El mundo cambia con tu ejemplo no con tu opinión" Paulo Coelho ''The world changes with your example not with your opinion'' -Paulo Coelho


Non ti curar di loro .

"The difference between what you are and what you would like to be is in what you do". Massimo Troisi

La differenza tra quello che sei e quello che vorresti essere .


Non si fa' il proprio dovere.

In silenzio... #spegniisocialedaccendiisentimenti

In silenzio... #spegniisocialedaccendiisentimenti

maria teresa calcutta

maria teresa calcutta

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do you believe in long distance love? The farther away my husband is, the…