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"Soft boiled egg" - Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Egg Cups Though it looks like an easter egg, this no bake dessert is actually chocolate pastry filled with whipped vegan cream and a 'yolk' made of passionfruit sauce mixed with apricot jam...a true delicacy!


Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs – Vegan Recipe

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cougettes with cardamom spice


Cardamom Spice - Claudia's Secrets

3 porcini mushrooms risotto

Porcini Wild Mushrooms - Claudia's Secrets

Focaccia made with red Tropea onions and tropea onion..Its extraordinary sweetness, its delicate scent, its lightness and enjoyable taste come

Focaccia with Red Tropea Onions and Capers

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Fusilli Pasta with zucchini and sweet pepper sauce One fantastic first course Fusilli with sautéed zucchini and a sweet pepper sauce. This sauce, made with

Fusilli Pasta with Zucchini and Sweet Pepper Sauce

Jicama Chips with Mango Sauce - It's time to take your sauce, in fact 2 hours have passed since you have made it. It's aperitif time! garnish with jicama...

Jicama Chips with Mango Sauce

Jicama Chips

Jicama Information - Claudia's Secrets

Pasta with cauliflower to make a first course healthy and tasty at the same time...  Cauliflower can be cooked using several methods.

Pasta with Cauliflower and Green Sauce