Sculpted Wood Elven Head - or is it a carving at all? Where did the Elves vanish to in the latter Ages of Arda? do you only see trees? d;-)

A sculpted Wood Elf - or Dryad - in a tree. Perhaps we should look at the trees more closely.

Un regalo ad un’amica tutta green? venite a vedere! Vaso di gesso DIY Occorrente: – Polvere di gesso; – Acqua; – Ciotola e spatolina; – Guanti da cucina; – Terra…

Prepariamoci al Natale con i regali fai da te!

Italian Renaissance. Don't know if teal was an authentic period color, though, since there were no aniline dyes available back then.

Italian Renaissance - A side opending giornea in solid with a brocade gamara. A red black and silver brocade with a black velvet giornea with double piped silver and red trim perhaps?

This costume reminds me of the Jaffa soldiers of the Goa'uld Anubis on the TV show 'Stargate SG1'.

costume Anubis - Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion. Not sure if there were a character from a franchise for this, though.

Non dir di me finché di me non sai, pensa di te poi mi dirai

Before talking about me you should know. Then think about what you are and only then you can talk about me.