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Life with cats! Discover how to travel with kitty, some outrageous websites dedicated to kitties, making life fun with your cat, and what kitties do all day...
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Is Halloween Dangerous For Black Cats? | Cats and Meows

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Cat Travel Regulations: Check For Guidelines And Regulations Before Adopting A Feline From Foreign Country | Cats and Meows

The Cat in the Hat 4 Prez – One Charity to Benefit From One Vote, Two Vote, I Vote, You Vote Campaign

Treasury Cat Gladstone Thrilled To Serve Queen Elizabeth: Friendlier Than Larry and Palmerston

Cat Lovers Dating Website – It Really Exists!

Give Back To The Cat Community And Volunteer At Animal Shelters This Thanksgiving

Apartment Story: Finding My Cat Soulmate I have been wanting a pet for almost two years now but I always thought I was a dog person since I have never had a cat before. However cats are best for the working girl lifestyle so I had to weigh my options. I have had mixed experiences with cats in part because their body language is much different than that of dogs; I think some negative experiences may have been a product of miscommunication. Lately I have been meeting…

Tips for Keeping Cats Off Kitchen Counters — Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies

Know the rules of the road for traveling with cats? See 7 tips for driving cats in cars here.

You can probably already tell that your cats have distinct personalities. Kind of like people. They’re people-kitties. It makes sense then, that there will be other cat personalities that they just don’t mesh with. But good news: There are basic, cut-and-dry steps everyone can (and should) take that will help all the cats in your lives get along swimmingly. #cats #catbehavior

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