Coleção prof eagasparetto

This is made by having one circle of spandex that wraps near the knee and two long pieces of spandex attached that can be wrapped around the rest of the leg.

Tango... Got to still go and do this in Buenos Aires <3

Got to still go and do this in Buenos Aires- I love these outdoor Tango shots- it makes the dance a lifestyle and shows me a culture that is not afraid to love.

The Argentine Tango sweeps you up and helps you get more intimate with yourself and relationships with others. It’s a personal quest, whether the person recognizes that or not. The way we connect or the way we lead or follow are also a perfect reflection of our social, emotional and mental status.

10 Tips For Ballroom Dancing For Beginner's. A lot of potential dancers have actually convinced themselves, or let others tell t

learn how to latin dance

I love doing salsa, meringue and rhumba with my wife. She is an excellent partner and so is my daughter.