Casa Brugnera 1909 - la tappezzeria

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a chair with a blanket on it and an open book in front of the chair
Plaid Fly di Zenoni&Colombi
a sailboat in a glass bottle on top of a white shelf next to other items
Arredare casa al mare con il fai da te
Arredare casa al mare con il fai da te (Foto) | Design Mag
two chairs sitting in front of a dresser with a mirror on it's side
Le stampe francesi per una nuova vita
a white chair sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a pile of clothes
Sdraio vintage + copriletto di nonna
a lamp and some fabric on the floor in front of a bed with floral designs
Nuove idee coordinate
a chair and table in a room with floral wallpaper on the walls behind it
Coordinati tenda tappezzeria ed abajour
a chair covered with a white cover in a room next to a table and flowers
La sedia vestita a festa
a blue and white foot stool sitting on top of a tiled floor
a blue and white chair with a footstool on the floor in a store