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The Mount Hermon and The Roswell Connection (Rob Skiba) Full Movie be sure to go to video starting at 55.39 that shows a truly amazing phenomena in the sky over Kazakhstan March 2011. Either a Demonic or Alien UFO light show or the HARRP program forms a falling orb into a angelic looking woman holding a baby up in the sky. This entire video from the beginning is very interesting comparing the days of Noah to the days we are in now. The Hybrid Agenda to corrupt God's creation.

Narcissists as hateful, sadistic abusers. Masochistic and self-absorbed, they drive away anyone that cares for them to wallow in their failure and self-imposed exile from humanity.

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LAST MINUTE GIFTS!!! 30 minutes to make this chunky style messy bun or pony tail hat! See the video here: and get the FREE PATTERN, in the link below the video!! Woo hoo... Christmas Gifts a plenty coming up!!

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