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I agree but not coffee, for me it was Pepsi and weirdness...then I had to stop the Pepsi, so it's just all out weirdness. LOL

but He knows where I'm going & when He tests me I will come out as pure gold | Job 23:10 | bible verse scripture | typography | hand lettering | home decor | custom modern calligraphy || This Delightful Design by Katie Clark |

20 Quotes from Angela Davis That Inspire Us to Keep Up the Fight

Dreams into Plans. Girl wears a 3d white fluffy paper skirt made from vintage sheet music and a flower in her hair.


6/28/15 1:58a Harry Truman Something to Live By Want more business from social media?

Head over boots -Jon Pardi This is my new favorite song! If you haven't listened to it yet check it out on

The Republican Party is funded by oil glutton Koch who is behind massive spending supporting climate denial. Perhaps Texas requests for weather disaster relief should be sent to Koch and not the federal government. After all there is no such thing as climate change, isn't that right Texas republicans?

Life Changing Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs

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Every sensitive person, intuitive, empath and healer can relate to this. ~ Empath Quotes

I'm so glad that we can discuss everything, how we communicate, trust, and talk through everything! I love you! MD

23 Reminders That Representation Is Everything


I can give myself those things. I make my own money, and do my own thing, and he respects that. He knows without a doubt, I would be ok without him. What he gives me that no one else can is himself, raw and unfiltered. That's all I ever want or expect from those in my life. I am a woman, not a little girl playing house. I'm earned, not bought, I do my own upkeep, but I am not kept.

When bad days strike, it's nice to have a list of self care ideas you can pull out to help make things a little better, or even to proactively keep up with self care so you feel better in general. Here are 25 self care ideas for bad days. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference!