Fine Art Self-Portraits by Milica Staletovic #inspiration #photography

DON’T LET YOUR BRAIN RUIN YOUR DAY #TamarChansky #Anxiety #peace

Talia Mihai, mother of the chief of Sintesti camp, tells stories to her grandaughter Garoafa, inside the family tent in the Kalderash Roma camp of Sintesti, near Bucharest. August 1994

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How to read your camera's histogram. Understanding the Histogram and Adjusting Exposure

current situation. photo: seagypsea_photography

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(Open rp message me I'm the girl on the left.Frendship.) I say over the phone " Hey wanna go ice skating?!" U say " Yea sure!"(text for the rest comment if u wanna do it then text me!)

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I honestly can't tell the gender of the taller figure so I'm going to silently leave this here... Wedding Photographer S - Forehead kiss. Sweet/Tender. Show's a softer side.

Dear Best Friend, I don't know hat I would do with out you. You are amazing…

Your Canon 80D camera has so many features that it can be difficult to remember what each control does. To help you sort things out, study this handy reference to your Canon camera’s external controls and exposure modes. Print out this guide, tuck it in your camera bag, and get a head start on taking …

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Swinging high in the Kaleva district of Tampere, Finland (circa 1950s) • photo: Ensio Kauppila