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20 Powerful Affirmations We Should Say to Ourselves This Year | Cheers to a new beginning and another chance for us to make the very best of it! --inspirational -selfcare

Baked Garlic Green Beans are a simple and delicious side dish that will compliment any main entree. Crunchy green beans and roasted garlic, make this one easy yummy side!

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Foods That FIGHT Inflammation. Eat like this, do Life Long Vitality food based…


Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation


Whether youre cooking for one or cooking for a crowd, these insanely simple dinners remove stress from the process. Lets get started!

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Tidy home, tidy mind. Clean house, clean head. You have probably heard variations of these sayings before. But you may have never fully realized what decluttering the house can really do for your mind. Throwing away old things is a powerful way to give your mind clarity, focus, peace and balance. Without even noticing it [...]

Lotus Pose Tips from Ashley Galvin #yoga #inspiration #aloyoga

30 Minute House Cardio Exercise with No Gear!.... ** Look into more at the image link

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This pin represents my change goal project because I worked very hard to change my lifestyle. I want to be able to have a healthy, fit body. Even though I'm not even close to being satisfied, everyday I push myself more to reach my goal. Since my goal can't be reached soon, this picture shows that I need patience and dedication to finally get there. And with that, I believe I can and I will. Working out and eating right leads to a happy, positive life and I have that!


Hummus Recipes in Abundance - Palatine Pediatric Dentistry | #Palatine | #IL |

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Here is my sad looking Keuring. Why is it sad? Well, since starting Thrive I haven't drank coffee. It only gets used to make hot chocolate anymore.

Show your support and help raise awareness with our Anxiety Awareness Bracelet! Remember, not all wounds are visible! We want to encourage people to recognize symptoms and seek treatment - and to give


21 Timeless Strategies To Lower Your Daily StressBy Marc Chernoff, co-founder, See the full article here. The journey never stops… is a regular paid contributor to the American Express Tumblr Community.

Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread Bars; gluten free, dairy free and refined-sugar…

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Think you're too busy to eat healthy? Here are 11 meal prep tips and tricks to save time and help you get started on eating clean!

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Don't throw away those lemon peels. It's easy to dry them for use in cooking, cleaning and body care (yes, really!)

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Took a break from running and need to start back up again?