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Aluminum foil is a worldwide known thing and a lot of us use it almost daily in the household. Yet, I am pretty sure that you did not know how many uses can have besides the kitchen.Continue reading...

10 Foods you should never eat in your diet if you want to lose weight or life a long, healthy life!


Daily motivation [25 photos]


Improve your sleep and energy levels. Tips from the self improvement book: level up your day.

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We all know that certain types of food can cause high blood pressure. Among these are foods high in fat and sodium content. But did you know that other foo

This 50 Push-Up Problem Will Rework Your Physique in 30 Days. Take a look at more by going to the picture link

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Lower Back Workout.... Helps REDUCE lower back pain, tension, stiffness, + soreness <3 ;)*

I agree with this. Tired of the tears and feeling depressed--so I did something about it! Love every second of the journey too!


Culver’s Root - Medicinal Herb

The Herbal Resource

Dragon's-Mouth Orchid: Arethusa bulbosa, is one of the showier native orchids in Michigan, USA

Bladder infection: 2 Tbsp cinnamon powder, 1 tsp honey, glass lukewarm water. Mix, drink. Kills bacteria in bladder.

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Ballet Workout Ballet looks deceptively easy but anyone who has tried it knows it is exceptionally difficult requiring great balance, strength, flexibil... - Neila Rey - Google+

40 Inspirational Quotes From Pinterest - Dream BIG, Work HARD.


Benefits of potassium includes healthy skin, reduced cellulite, strong bones and the alleviation of menstrual cramps. Try these Top 10 Potassium Rich Foods!

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hiit that BUTT – my custom workout created at • Click through to download as printable PDF! #customworkout

Angel Chicken - chicken, cream of chicken soup, cream cheese and Italian dressing mix - serve over angel hair pasta or potatoes. So easy and super delicious!

Plain Chicken

Easy at home workout for those nights you just need to get some activity in. #fitness #health #workout