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Somewhere Between Obstacles and Pleasure by Robert Hilles

The Immortals Book Series

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Or more realistically, I'd bang on the shower wall to tell them to get out because they are hogging all of the hot water!

The Book of Lost Tales was the first major work of imagination by J.R.R. Tolkien, begun in 1916-17 when he was twenty-five years old and left incomplete several years later. It stands at the beginning

Archery props from Lord of the Rings. These are the beautiful double recurve bows. and the beautiful quivers (or cases) for the arrows.

Katy Perry applauds Sia's captivating Coachella performance on Twitter | Daily Mail Online

David Bowie by Mick Rock


En los años 90, tras unas duras experiencias personales que tocaron fondo con su divorcio y sobre todo con la muerte de su madre, la joven Cheryl Strayed decidió recorrer en solitario, y careciendo de experiencia, más de 1600 kilómetros por el Sendero de las Cimas del Pacífico, que atraviesa el desierto de Mojave y sube hasta la frontera entre los estados de Oregón y Washington, en un intento de encontrarse a sí misma.


Music Theory for Songwriters - Part 3 To use the map, remember two things. First, you may jump anywhere from I. Second, if a chord appears at more than one location, there is an "imaginary tunnel" connecting both places, so you can move freely from one location to the other

Beth's Music Notes: All Through the Night-BAG song with Orff accompaniment

Can't wait I had the first season pegged from the begining!!! This one is a whole new story!!!

The Strategic Planning Process : Strategic management is a field that has diversity in approach and scope, but relative homogeneity in pedagogy. This book, a refreshed edition of its successful predecessor, brings something different to the field, by concisely introducing it with a focus on doing business in the Middle East and North Africa. Supplemented by online case studies and other resources, the reader is exposed to a plethora of concepts, theories, practical implications, an...

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