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Taaffiete: discovered by a gemologist Edward Taaffe at Sri Lanka in 1945. this rare stone available in different color from mauve, lavender and red. Mostly, Taaffiete is clear and displays double refraction on the front and the back

UX Case Study Wireframe Asset EPS by Ashley Porciuncula

Meet your newest breakfast companion, Elwood The Unicorn Cereal Bowl!


DOMINO:9 things we learned from HGTV design star Emily Henderson

nice Super chunky wool blanket from Ohhio by

Home Decor

2016 Project Life Title Page 9x12 | Azzari Jarrett

Upcycling Project - Flannel Shirt Hand Warmers | DIY Simple And Quick Handmade Projects To Make This Winter - A Perfect Gift This Valentines Day by Pioneer Settler at

Pioneer Settler

Coppa Club Branding by The Plant | Fivestar Branding – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery

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Cold brew coffee products are all for sale on the Handium website. The packaging design is so simple and lovely PD