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an advertisement with the words music feels better on it's back and bottom half
Copywriter Challenges Himself To Create An Ad Every Day For A Year, And They’re Pretty Cool
a girl with pink hair is holding up a sign that reads,'la malita di pericolosa della civile
Dipendenza dai social network La malattia più pericolosa.. | - immagini divertenti, foto, barzellette, video
two red tomatoes with green leaves on them and the words, all natural
W&V-Wettbewerb: Dojo siegt mit Früchtchen-Motiv für "Playboy" | W&V
a pink refrigerator with a bottle of deodorant next to it
26 pub Durex qui vont vous donner envie de passer un bon week-end
Durex Lubricant: Believe Freaking hilarious. Freaking SIMPLE. Love it.
a bottle of skin care product on a pink background with the word believe written in it
Durex: Believe, 2
Durex Lubricant: Believe, 2
an advertisement featuring a can of soda with the caption explode your sense
Tabasco: Explode your sense
The grenade really provides the visual they need to make people believe that the flavor is poppin.
an advertisement for cosmos toothbrushes with multiple blades sticking out of them
Hartmann - advertising campaign
a spider man laying on the ground next to a bottle of raid insect repellent
Award Winning ads in the world - Eface Entertainments
Hanno ucciso l'uomo ragno!
a piece of bread with the words nivea sun on it
Assistenza virtuale creativa
Comunicazione visiva | Nivea