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an assortment of electronic devices are displayed on a blue background, with the image projected onto it
Atmoss Lighting
Atmoss Lighting on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
an assortment of architectural materials on a table
DANIEL CARLSTEN — Bozarthfornell Architects
Daniel Carlsten - Bozarthfornell Architects
an advertisement for cosmos toothbrushes with multiple blades sticking out of them
Hartmann - advertising campaign
a black and white poster with the words'm & me pandada drive'on it
Studio Nari
HIDE. bi monthly night at the famous underground DJ venue Subclub Glasgow. The Subbie has the finest house DJs in the city as residents at the flagship Saturday night Subculture, which is now the longest running weekly house and techno club night on the planet.
the movie poster for no one else is displayed on an iphone screen, and it appears to be in black and white
Designing with black and white: 50 striking examples for your inspiration
Allineamento centrato. Sia la scritta che l'idea di usare maschere di ritaglio per far vedere l'immagine sottostante sono molto interessanti.
a poster with an image of a person jumping in the air and text underneath it
Quim Marin: «Disfruta del viaje, no solo de la meta»
Quim Marin: «Disfruta del viaje, no solo de la meta»
a poster with trees and fog in the background that says,'teh forest '
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p o s t e r
a man with multiple colored glasses on his face and the image is split in half
A Poster Every Day by Magdiel Lopez
Magdiel Lopez poster design, Davidido
a poster with flowers and leaves on it
Poster by Xavier Esclusa M32 / Collection
Poster by Xavier Esclusa M32 / Collection on Behance