Drive-In, San Fransisco, by Allan Grant. 1948

Drive-In Theater at San Fransisco by Allan Grant.I miss the drive-in movie theater that used to be near our home.

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume and embroidery of Lithuania Minor, Mažoji Lietuva, or Klaipeda region, Lithuania

Hello all, Today i will talk about the costume of Lithuania Minor, Mažoji Lietuva in Lithuanian, the westenmost region of Lithuania, much.

Gorgeous! Aretha Franklin | Topics | BET

Aretha Franklin was an extremely famous singer in the It was a major accomplishment for a woman to overcome the stereotype of the typical housewife and be admired so highly for her incredible singing voice.

This is great. 1914 artist imagines 1950s fashions. I want hair like that. Also, he keeps a cane...

Hannah Nicklin on

willigula: Otho Cushing imagines the fashion of a future 1950 in issue of Life Magazine, 1914 Otho Cushing imagina la moda de un futuro 1950 en el número 1950 de la revista Life, 1914

Vintage women fitness

If ships back then had a gym.this is more my style. Wooden treadmills and Mary Janes: Workouts style were a glamorous, if low-tech, affair

One more gem of #1970s of fashion...

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Groovy Fashion Ads From The -Men's Jumpsuit- "Are you man enough to fill it?