la carta carbone!!!

Carbon Copy Paper - Thank God for my mother's story of incorrectly placing the carbon paper between the two sheets of typing paper.

70's doll

Leonora Talking Doll by Lili Ledy Mexico - 2 This is Leonora's mini-record player, similar to Sebino's from Italy. Put a mini-record on the turnable and close it. There is a battery that powers the mini-record player.

Reconstructed Upcycled Denim and Patchwork Skirt

Darling skirt, sewn by me, in my smoke free home. Denim top with cotton patchwork fabric added on in various peach, rust, orange and white floral

Noi che........mettevamo la vinavil sulle mani e poi facevamo finta che ci si staccava la pelle:-):-)

I remember putting glue on our hands at school, letting it dry, and peeling it off!