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Pietre Native – Pietra Baugé

The range of architectural materials launched by the designers of the Pietre Native collection is growing ever wider and varied, with the further addition of the new Pietra Baugé collection.
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PIetra Baugé... basta questa serie per arredare ogni casa!,153,0,43,html/catalogue/Pietre%20Native/Pietra%20Baug%C3%A9?utm_content=buffer1dd62&utm_medium=social&


Pieatra Baugé by Casalgrande Padana,153,0,43,html/catalogue/Pietre%20Native/Pietra%20Baug%C3%A9?utm_content=buffer67085&utm_medium=social&


The brainchild of extensive research into design, material and form to produce a real-life finish, the Pietra Baugé collection is coloured by four soft shades that are perfect for contemporary living, as they create a really charming atmosphere. Shades range from slightly dotted, streaked white to sand beige, spiced up by streaks and small paler inclusions, to two darker grey shades: a softly blurred pale grey and a rough coal grey with shady effects and small paler and darker inclusions.


As all of Casalgrande Padana’s products, the Pietra Baugé collection is eco-compatible. The company has actually always been engaged in research into innovative technology to produce high-performance but low-impact materials, as proven by our ISO 14001 and EMAS certificates.


Pietra Baugé by Casalgrande Padana

Rendete accogliente ogni ambiente. Abitatelo, con Pietra Baugé:,153,0,43,html/catalogue/Pietre%20Native/Pietra%20Baug%C3%A9?utm_content=buffereb074&utm_medium=social&

Ceramica che arreda e trasforma l'atmosfera di una stanza...,153,0,43,html/catalogue/Pietre%20Native/Pietra%20Baug%C3%A9?utm_content=buffer1be35&utm_medium=social&

Pieatra Baugé by Casalgrande Padana. Venite a scoprire il calore di questa nuova linea:,153,0,43,html/catalogue/Pietre%20Native/Pietra%20Baug%C3%A9?utm_content=buffer43f9b&utm_medium=social&

Ceramica che arreda e trasforma l'atmosfera di una stanza...

The Pietra Baugé collection is also available with the certified absolute antibacterial properties of Bios Antibacterial HYDROTECT® or the excellent self-cleaning and pollutant-reducing properties of Bios Self-Cleaning®.