Crochet Owl Basket

For ella-- Ravelry: Owl Basket pattern by Deja Jetmir. This is a really cute idea for a bathroom towel holder.

sacchetto lino gessetto bomboniera

sacchetto lino gessetto bomboniera (This is so cute! Pic for DIY inspiration.

Room shelving system functions like a huge shape-sorter toy.

ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson Kyuhyung Cho lets you compose your own furniture, with 25 stackable blocks, each with a cut-out volume inspired by a particular object, along with a low table and a mirror.

ShowCase: Maison NW | Features | Archinect.

A net floor- it's like a gigantic hammock inside! Sweet this would be an awesome couch


Work-Shop by MGDC (The Design Files)

Pastel panels is a fun update you can do to any box style shelf unit. When you are tired of the new look, switch it to white! Could be a great storage system, maybe a bit predictable!

Booklovers Pendant Lamp | Groupa Studio Feeldesain7

Booklovers Pendant Lamp

Booklovers Pendant Lamp Groupa Studio Booklovers pendant lamp by Groupa Studio

oggetti per la casa strani - Cerca con Google

Buddy the Lab Dog Planter Sold Out. If you're looking for a playful metal dog flower pot look no further. Meet Buddy the Lab Planter, your garden's new best friend! This wonderful metal dog planter is full of smiles an.

oggetti per la casa originali - Cerca con Google

oggetti per la casa originali - Cerca con Google