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a room filled with lots of wooden shelves covered in figurines and other items
cardboard houses are stacked on top of each other
Riciclo scatole di cartone: mille idee facili, facili di riciclo creativo!
riciclo scatole di cartone giochi fai da te grazie al riciclo creativo riciclo scatole di cartone giochi fai da te 5
a doll house with stairs and bookshelves
Room with stairs
an image of a small house in the woods with trees and plants inside it that is lit up at night
Ilse’s Bookshelf Diorama
a book shelf with some books on it and a small statue in the middle of it
Forest Book Nook
an image of a fake house made out of books
Diagon Alley
a miniature house with flowers on the front and side doors is displayed in a wooden frame
a hand holding up a miniature house made out of paper and mossy rocks with a door in it
I made my first booknook after trying a few miniature kits
a book shelf filled with lots of books
I made a booknook for a Christmas gift, my inspiration was Blade Runner. It's larger than ones we have see, it's 11" x 6".
DIY moss terrarium 🌿