Carmine Ceparano

Carmine Ceparano

Carmine Ceparano
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British design in its most beautiful shape: Coastal Cottages wallpaper. Exclusively designed from Jessica Hogarth for wallunica. This design wallpaper is supplied as a non-woven wallpaper on a cm wide rolls.

House 1014

House 1014 in Barcelona by H Arquitectes. The uneven blockwork of the new facade, with veins of narrow brick running through its regularly arranged rows, references the original irregular stone masonry. A sliding timber door provides vehicle access.

parete ventilata Villa Nesi TO

Villa Nesi - Ivrea TO - ventilated facades - www.

This is one of the best logos I've seen in a while. It's very simplistic, but incorporates the clever clock hands to depict the Y. Also a great brand name.

this logo is extremely minimalist but gets the point across very well. The I in time is transformed into the shape of an analog clock. because the logo is a simple black of white, it gives the onlooker a very simple futuristic feel.