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a painting of a woman with an umbrella over her head and hands in the air
a painting of a woman holding a snake in her right hand and wearing gold jewelry
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Artodyssey: KLIMT - Details
an intricately designed tree is shown in this painting
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a painting of a woman standing in front of flowers
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an assortment of different colored buttons on a piece of cloth with gold and black circles
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Artodyssey: KLIMT - Details
a close up of a vase on a table with many different colors and patterns around it
KLIMT - Details
Artodyssey: KLIMT - Details
the gold necklace is on display in front of a colorful cloth covered tablecloth with flowers and leaves
KLIMT - Details
Definitely , my favorite of all time!
an abstract painting with gold and black colors
Woman in Gold at the Neue Galerie - Quintessence
Detail of Klimt's Woman in Gold
an abstract painting with gold and green colors
Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907 - Gustav Klimt - WikiArt.org
011G Detail from - Adele Bloch Bauer Painting of 1907
a field full of colorful wildflowers and grass
By Gustav Klimt
an old painting of a woman with black hair
Giuditta e Oloferne, 1901, olio su tela, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna
an image of a painting with different colors and patterns on it, including one man holding a staff
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Golden Tarot of Klimt- V - The Heirophant
a three tiered wedding cake decorated with cartoon characters
Sweet Ruby Cakes
Another Gustav Klimt painting The Kiss, used as decoration on this truly beautiful cake.
three women standing in front of a store with two mopeds and one scooter
Modernism on X
Be a lady who lunches with my fellow scooter gang gal pals http://www.shutterstock.com/?rid=1525961