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three clear vases filled with candles on top of a table
Galleria Centrotavola con Candele, tante idee da personalizzare -
two vases filled with ornaments sitting on top of a wooden table next to a mirror
three white candles are sitting in a glass vase with rocks and greenery on the table
Candles on stones with greenery in a wide glass vase
several glass jars with hearts and bows on them
Barattoli shabby
lo shabby di Mila: Barattoli shabby
four different types of mason jars with christmas lights inside and outside the jar are shown
Natale ricicloso: 10 portacandele fai da te
Un po\' di idee per realizzare dei portacandele con il riciclo creativo, sono semplici ma davvero originali. Tutto ciò che occorre è qualche barattolo di vetro e tanta fantasia.
a glass jar filled with heart shaped candles and a tag on the handle that says i love you
... Le Cose di Eva
great idea! Now that I don't have baby food jars any more...boooo!
the jars are filled with cookies and marshmallows for sale on instagram
Battesimo eco chic
Battesimo eco chic
two glass jars with twine and burlock on the lids are sitting on a table
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Riciclo Creativo Porta candele e porta penne di ValeItsHandmade
a basket filled with candles and fruit on top of a table
Fuori porta fai da te: 20 idee da cui prendere spunto. Semplici e veloci
Adventní perníčkový věnec I. Na pevném proutěném korpusu jsou naaranžovány svíčkym umělé, ale dokonalé perníčky, koření, sušené ovoce... Svíčky jsou vyměnitelné Průměr 30 cm kód 723:
some candles are sitting on a table with pine cones and oranges
Look at this elegant and rustic centerpiece for your Christmas table! It's made of wood, candles, dried fruits and pinecones!