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a black and white sign with the words c & c drum company in silver lettering
the badge on the wall is gold and has an image of a classic motorcycle engine
the lid of a red case with a metal ring on it's side and an image of a baseball bat
a close up view of the label on a wooden guitar's back end and neck
an old black and gold plate with the words carlton world's supreme quality made in japan
an old coin with the words chicago and ludlow makers on it
the krupp logo is shown on an orange metal disk with black lettering and blue letters
Vintage Drum Badges - History of Vintage Drums
a blue drum that says drum craft world's supreme quality made in japan
a round metal sign with the word rogers on it
a close up of a metal object on a wooden surface with the word italia printed on it
a brass plate with the words gresch on it
That Great Gretsch Sound!
Gretsch Drums - USA Custom Drums, Drum Sets, Snare Drums, New Classic Drums & More
a close up of a disc on a purple surface with the words havman
a metal sign that is on the side of a green carpeted wall and says tempus