Extremely abstract and loose watercolour but still a striking Japanese style figure. I love how the colours blend and the face is almost faded out. This is my style of art when it comes to drawing!

My Week With Marilyn

Nadia This film poster created by a man named Joseph Ling shows the famous beauty mark of Marilyn Monroe. The beauty mark, along with her bold, pink lips, shows the constrained view of what Marilyn Monroe looks like.

New York

The way the Empire State Building, an apple, and a steam hole(?) are all combined into the word New York.

This took my breath away!  By Ruud van Empel. Black and green

Does anyone know who is the artist? I have another pin which is similar, but no artist's name was given. The name of the artist is Ruud van Empel, a Dutch photographer.

Illustrator Willian Santiago has a gorgeous way of using texture in his works. They have the look of a print, with their distorted edges and color overlay.

Willian Santiago Harmonizes Printmaking with Illustration

Art deco hero

Des affiches de super-héros façon Art déco

Movies Hipster Kits – Les posters rétro d’Alizée Lafon

Movies Hipster Kits – Les posters rétro d’Alizée Lafon

Movies Hipster Kits – Les posters rétro d’Alizée Lafon Pulp Fiction


Movies Hipster Kits – Les posters rétro d’Alizée Lafon


Hakuna Matata – La drôle de vie des animaux du Kenya

Hakuna Matata is a lighthearted series created by Paris-based photographer Thomas Subtil. The surreal images feature African animals playfully living by th


Wildebeest – La vie des gnous dans un court métrage d’animation plein d’humour

"Wildebeest" is a very funny short film about the life of wildebeests, which is not always easy. A short film directed by Birdboxstudio. The kind of stupid


Recréer les chefs-d’oeuvre de la peinture classique avec des garagistes