Colori dal Mondo

Il colore è vita, emozione, dall'unicità della luce nasce l'infinita molteplicità dei colori.
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a man standing in front of a store filled with lots of fruits and veggies
punto di ristoro
an iphone screenshot with the colors of rainbow
Colourful - iPhone Wallpaper
Melting colours what I like most about this is the breaking down of defined lines and defined colours...this is beautiful because it signifies how how everything is fluid and the beauty of blending and mixing it up, while appreciating the distinctions of each colour at the same time--I like that it celebrates unity and definiteness at the same time
the dancers are dressed in colorful costumes
mai perdere la speranza
a row of colorful painted walls on the side of a building
La creatività non ha confini Creativity has no boundaries