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the time machine because it's never too late to apoloise
Time Machine Read Aloud by Author Pauline David-Sax
Watch the read aloud recording of The Time Machine with author Pauline David-Sax and see the illustrative work by Melquea Smith! #ReadAloud #TheTimeMachine #ChildrensBooks
two children hugging each other with the words national compliment day written on top of them
Happy National Compliment Day!
January 24th is National Compliment Day! Featuring artwork from Will You Fill My Bucket? Daily Acts of Love Around the World by Carol McCloud and Karen Wells, illustrated by Penny Weber #ChildrensBooks #NationalComplimentDay
The Law of Birthdays, a story about choice is written by Brenna Jeanneret and illustrated by Maina Kondrakina is set to release May 2024. Watch the book trailer to learn more and preorder the book today! #TheLawofBirthdays #BookTrailer #ChildrensBooks Fables For Kids, Christian Historical Fiction, Writing Picture Books, Adventure Fiction, Urban Fiction, Christian Romance, Horror Fiction, Christian Kids
The Law of Birthdays by Brenna Jeanneret Book Trailer
The Law of Birthdays, a story about choice is written by Brenna Jeanneret and illustrated by Maina Kondrakina is set to release May 2024. Watch the book trailer to learn more and preorder the book today! #TheLawofBirthdays #BookTrailer #ChildrensBooks
an open book with the title, unleashing joyful imagination must read children's books for endless delight
Unleashing Joyful Imagination: Must-Read Children's Books for Endless Delight by Maria Dismondy
Here are a few books we’ve read recently, that I recommend to empower your child. I’ve included a journal that my teen and tween write in. It’s been beautiful for our relationship that is changing as they grow. #BooksToRead #ChildrensBooks #FamilyReading #CardinalRulePress
children's books about winter holidays are featured in this postcard with the title, 15 cozy children's books about winter holidays
15 cozy children’s books about winter holidays
Winter is my favorite season for reading books. There’s nothing like a cozy blanket and a great picture book to transition into bedtime. Introduce your child to winter holidays from many cultures and faiths, including Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Lunar New Year, with this diverse list of 15 cozy children’s books. You may discover winter holidays you want to start celebrating! #WinterHolidays #Holidays #BooksToRead #ChildrensBook #PictureBook #KidLit
a group of people holding hands with the words poetry roundup on top of them
But poetry doesn’t need to be scary or intimidating. According to an article by Scholastic, poetry is actually a great way to build early literacy skills; rhyme, rhythm, and sound are the emphasis in poetry. So…. poetry is like a sophisticated nursery rhyme! #Poetry #Teaching #Literacy #BookReview
books for kids kindness, respect, and doing good by the way we do it
These books about kindness, respect and doing good are part the guide which can be downloaded for free! #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #Kindness #Respect
the top ten books about practicing gratitude with text overlaying it
30 Heartwarming Picture Books About Gratitude
Teaching kids to say thank you or practice gratitude, in general, is an essential part of their upbringing. These picture books about gratitude show kids how it’s done. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or not, use these delightful books to help your kids develop a practice of gratitude. #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #Gratitude #Thankful
the cover of four ways to make reading with kids more interactive
I miss reading picture books with my kids! They’re both teenagers now and prefer reading on their own. Which of course, was always the goal. The great thing about reading with young kids is that it’s so interactive. There’s more to it than just the story. You create a bond as they sit on your lap. You share reactions, laugh and learn together, and wonder together. That’s the beauty of picture books. #InteractiveReading #Teaching #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit
children's books about outer space for preschool to be an astronaut and pete the cat
Outer Space Preschool Books
The kids are going to love these Outer Space Preschool Books. All of these books are all about outer space adventures and fun! #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #OuterSpace #Space
books for preschoolers with the title 20 family books for preschoolers
20 Preschool Books about Family
Family is such an important home base for little ones. There are so many types of families, and there are lots of family books for preschoolers that celebrate the love that makes us one. This list is full of family books preschool that celebrate the different people that make up our families, and the love that we share. #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #Family #Love
the cover of native american folktales written by indigenous authors, including children's books
I'm continuing my folktale picture book series with Native American stories. Although I titled this list "Native American folktales," I believe it would be more correct to say "traditional stories" (you can correct me in the comments); I have also limited this list to North America (excluding Mexico). #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #FolkTale #NativeAmerican #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth
the 25 awesome art books for kids to read in their own homeschool library
25 Awesome Art Books for Kids
I’m back with another list of 25 more of my favorite art books! Be forewarned, this is a long post. I have given you extra details about the books and some ideas to spark your lesson planning. #BooksToRead #ChildrensBook #PictureBook #KidLit #Art #ArtBook
halloween books for kids with the title 20 spooktacular halloween books for kids
20 Halloween Books for Kids
The month of October can be such fun with fall themes like pumpkins, leaves, and for those who celebrate – Halloween! I always like to have some special read alouds and seasonal activities set aside for each month, and these 20 Halloween books for kids are perfect for October. They are not too spooky and mostly on the funny side, which makes them a great choice for little ones! #BooksToRead #Halloween #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit
children's books about being yourself with the title overlaying them in red
16 Picture Books About Being Yourself for Kids
Just be yourself. It's easy to say and sometimes very hard to do. As I've gotten older, I've learned to become more comfortable in my own skin and to appreciate that being true to myself is the only way to go. And if I could go back in time and tell my childhood self that, life would have been much easier. #BooksToRead #PictureBook #ChildrensBook #KidLit #CharacterTraits