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Songbird, you are forever loved.

Bioshock Infinite has to be the best example of character and story in the video game media. I see images like this and still feel the emotions stirring.

Girls Eyes, Shakira, Blonde Makeup, Design Model, Dress Shoes, Shoes Heels, Beautiful Ladies, Beautiful People, Pink Girl, Mi Amor, Actresses, Beauty

A little inter-sensory reference material for the office wall. (Not especially architectural, but I'm sure many architects would heartily approve...)

I included this on my scotch board although they did spell whisky wrong. In case you don't know Scotch is spelled whisky, Irish and American is spelled whiskey.


asarge: “ In the new Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fire you play as a shirtless pyromaniac who has finally escaped from his cave. He had been locked away in hibernation but some madman unleashed him onto the world where he burns.

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Spider-pig spider-pig does whatever the spider-pig does can he swing from a web? No he cant hes a pig look ooout hes a spider-pig