Gabriella Campagnari

Gabriella Campagnari

Gabriella Campagnari
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Bead Dancing Christmas Tree Earrings Project

Christmas Tree Earrings: This earring is created in an "upside down" brick stitch. It works very well when making a shape with single rows. If you are using Size 11 .

Leaf Tree Luminaries

Leaves on wax paper, placed over wine glasses filled with battery powered lights. My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies : Leaf Tree Luminaries

Martha's Paper-Plate Angel: Trace a paper angel shape onto a plate with a fluted edge, + cut out with a utility knife. two cuts for wings are different, one made from inside out, other from outside in. Embellish edge of plate with one or two decorative hole punches. With angel facing you, shape her skirt into a circle; slide outside cut over inside one to make wings. Curl some paper around a narrow rod, such as a skewer, + make a name card. Secure it in her hands with a dab from a glue…

DIY angel place settings made from paper plates.I'd use a more elaborate plate or scrapbook paper template. (Not sure about the angel angle, but without the wings it would make the perfect little lady to hold a place card.

Tutorial for making a "tree of life" pendant.

Tutorial on how to create a tree-of-life pendant (a little beaded tree). Inspired by a comment posted on another of my videos, I've spent months making many .