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Read 15. Band from the story MCR and Frerard/JOKES and PICTURES by Luciiiisek77 (McrTrash#1) with 295 reads. jokes, mc...

Frank and Gee awe! I like frerard but I'm not going be like, "Oh my god Lyn-Z sucks." I personally like Lyn-Z and Bandit a lot.

GERARD. WATCH YOURSELF! *breathes heavily* what is happening?!

Oh my fucking god gerard unless that guy is frankie not allowed

Wait, what? I guess if you squint a little.......oh well! At least they got the boyfriend part right:)

Haha Gerard forever<<<I almost got offended then that comment made it better

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Gerard way,a 38 year old emo dad , sings frozen songs loud in his house.What a time to be alive