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Camillo Ansalone

Camillo Ansalone
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Olimpiadi 2016, via libera alle quattro sostituzioni nel torneo di calcio -

The time has come for the 2016 games, and we're all excited. Be sure not to let this excitement blind you from the dangers of hackers & scammers who have been anxiously awaiting this event to take advantage of you and your company.

Klementinum Library in Prague...gorgeous.

Czech National Library in the Clementinum complex - Praga. The National Library was founded in The architecture is a notable example of Baroque architecture and Clementinum is the second largest complex of buildings in Prague after the Prague Castle.

Chapel of St. John the Baptist in the Church of Saint Roch (São Roque church), Lisbon, Portugal. Considered to be a masterpiece unique in European art, this chapel was ordered from Rome in 1740 by King John V.