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two wooden business cards with laser cut designs on the front and back, one in gold
Intricate Laser Cut And Etched Metal Business Card For An Architect
Intricate Laser Cut And Etched Metal Business Card For An Architect
a wooden necklace with hexagons and turquoise stones in the center on a white background
birdofvirtue - Etsy
Round Honeycomb Necklace in Oak, Turquoise, Silver and Bronze / Geometric Pendant
three different necklaces are hanging on a white sheet and one is made out of wood
Love this geometric necklace
a wooden notebook with the words you are my sunshine written in black ink on it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
You Are My Sunshine, Anniversary Gift, Love Journal by Cardtorial on Etsy
a wooden sign with instructions on how to order food
Using wood as the base for a menu board instead of a blackboard is an idea I would consider using
a white table topped with lots of wooden heart shaped trees and hearts hanging from them
Baby Shower & Christening Guest Books | Keepsakes
wishing tree large by craft heaven |
several wine glasses with different shapes and sizes are being held by someone's hand
I love discovering cool new stuff on! Check out my invitation to start your haute hunting.
omg - cutest wine tags EVER! $11
a wooden box with two trees cut out of it's sides on a black surface
Potato Press - Graphic Design, Laser Etching & Laser Cutting and Large Format Printing
laser cut note paper holder
a wooden giraffe measuring ruler with circles on it's face and neck
Love. Luck. Kisses and Cake - The Blog
Giraffe Ruler - Kids School Supplies
a circular object made out of wood sitting on top of a white surface with holes in the middle
This item is unavailable | Etsy
ITEM DETAILS Type: Laser cut wood coaster. We spray a base sealer and clear top coat on each piece making them resistant to moisture and durable.