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Mariangela Casagrande

Mariangela Casagrande
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So true! I couldn't figure out why Capezio and Bloch were killing my Egyptian feet and making them look bad--those brands look amazing on so many other feet and I was so sad mine looked and felt like garbage. I prefer a good Grishko, haven't tried Gaynor or Freed hmm. "A Shoe for Every Foot (Type)"

Finding the perfect pointe shoe can be challenging. Use this handy guide to determine the right pointe shoe for your foot type.


Evening dress ca. From the ROYAL ARMORY AND HALLWYL MUSEUM. >> Beautiful This dress seriously reminds me of the pink dress from Disney's Cinderella! I wonder if this was the dress that inspired the illustrator!

Ballet Barre workout you can do at home

Barre strengthens and stretches muscles throughout the body, especially areas that many runners have imbalances, and helps runners improve their posture, prevent injury and even improve performance. Here are 3 great barre exercises for runners.