Decorate the interiors with the white color of CalleaDesign.
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a white clock with an intricate design on the face
Pendulum Merletto #white and aluminium
a clock that is on the wall with black hands and green dial, showing time
Medium Botticelli
Wall Clock white Botticelli (medium)
a black and white chair with an upholstered armrest is shown in front of a white background
black and white armchair, classical armchair
I'm currently having this chair upholstered in stamped black crocodile leather but this two-tone option looks fantastic as well!
an attic with white walls and wooden floors
Baixa House / Jose Adriao Arquitectos
Baixa House by Jose Adriao Arquitectos (Design Team: Tiago Mota, Luis Valente, Rui Didier, Carla Gonçalves, João Albuquerque Matos, Margarida Lameiro, Ricardo Aboim Inglez, Rute Ribeiro, Sara Jardim) / Rua Dos Fanqueiros, 73-85, Lisboa, Portugal
an empty room with several tables and chairs in the center, all white walls and wood planks on the ceiling
LOVE the wood ceiling & the everything else in the room! Höst Restaurant by Norm Architects
a white paper cutout with an ornate design on the front and back side,
Round mirror Wien
Round mirror Wien
three wooden stools sitting in front of a white counter
Beach house
Kitchen | Architect eduardo villa | Photographed by Sharyn Cairns for Real Living AU
a white dining room table and chairs with flowers in the center
Clean white kitchen with dining table with cool lucite legs
a white square clock sitting on top of a wall next to four different color swatches
Square wall clock
Square white wall clock
a living room with white couches and black beams on the ceiling in an attic
horizontal black posts + white interior
a square clock with the letter e on it's face and numbers in front of it
Small wall clock Breath
Small wall clock Breath #white
a bed with white sheets and pillows in a bedroom next to a wall hanging on the wall
45 “All In White” Interior Design Ideas For Bedrooms..... Could clay be used to create huge 'doilied' works of art.
a white clock with black numbers on it
Kitchen wall clock Smile
Kitchen wall clock Smile #white