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a man sitting on top of a rock in the middle of a body of water
Hanno detto... - Il mare nel cuore
a piece of paper with the words in spanish
an old man with glasses is looking at the camera
Immagini bambini e non solo
a mountain with trees on it and a quote from dali lamaa in the middle
a red flower with the words la gentileza non e debolezza, e
a mountain with trees in the background and a quote from dali lamaa on it
a person standing in front of a clock tower with a quote above it that says,
a ladybug plant with three little bugs on it's leaves and the words,
Filastrocche sulle emozioni: proviamo ad esprimere in versi ciò che sentiamo
Raise your hand if this baby is a better dancer than you🙋😂
Aww baby video
This little girl meeting her newborn sister is the cutest thing ❤
Woof Pack!
the poem is written in spanish and has an image of a cat on top of it