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Amphibious Vehicle, Military Marines, Cool Boats, Jetski, Army Vehicles, Ex Machina, Boat Design, Navy Ships, Aircraft Carrier
The Protector Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)
Chinese Tanks, Underwater Vehicle, Military Robot, Special Forces Gear, People's Liberation Army, Aircraft Mechanics, Uss Arizona, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Drones Concept
How China is Militarizing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Technology
two men standing on the bow of a boat in a body of water next to a dock
China launches JARI combat drone boat
a large gray boat floating on top of the ocean
BMT launches the next generation hull-form – the ‘Pentamaran’
a small boat is shown on a white background with red trim and black hulls
M75 | Unmanned Surface Vehicle丨OceanAlpha
a boat is speeding through the water
U.S. Navy, Textron to Weaponize Unmanned Craft for Surface Warfare - USNI News
a black boat in the water with a bridge in the background
The 'stealth drone' boat set to hunt for pirates and go undercover around the world
a large gray boat in the water next to other boats
Royal Navy takes delivery of new robotic Madfox boat
a model boat on display in a glass case
D&S 2017: Marsun charts future USV course