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Rock ByWild
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Rock ByWild
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John Travolta on Boredom can do things to people. see what happens when you break rules 1 and 2 funny Junk from paris with Love was an Awesome Movie agree me damnit

One of the great things about music.. -Dave Grohl

"That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to people and they'll sing it back for different reasons." - Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters

David Bowie

Meet the kings and queens of rock and roll in an exhibition featuring the photography of Herb Ritts at the Chrysler Museum of Art this summer. Herb Ritts: The Rock Portraits will be on .

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) the father of heavy metal guitar.

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) Lost the tips of 2 fingers on his right hand, so he learned how to play guitar LEFT HANDED and became a legend!