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skull_TIM BISKUP -I love the idea of pulling this to student cut paper projects! Vanitas, color theory, and dimension

German art director Sarah Illenberger sees fruit differently and cleverly created this funky disco ball pineapple. Somehow the dirty yellow combined with the ca

This short film shows the making of 'Rhapsody', completed for the Wall Therapy mural project based in Rochester, NY.

This just stood out to me - Digital collage by Michele Parliament examines the symbolic connection of butterflies with death and new life.


With his series “Small Steps Are Giant Leaps”, photographer Aaron Sheldon staged his 4 year old son dressed as a little cosmonaut.

Brock Davis - Instagram Photos

Others brockdavis: At ease, soldier. My son asked me why his army men are on standing on skateboards. So we made this scene for fun. Cut the rifle out of this soldier’s hands, glued rocket launcher pieces to make the wheels and glued him to the sink.

Aakash Nihalani – Tape Street Art

Geometric Street Art By Aakash Nihalani Brooklyn-based artist Aakash Nihalani embellishes the urban landscape with his fluorescent geometric shapes that float in midair and cut through buildings, skewing the perspective and disorienting the viewer.

Using multiple layers of clear glass, Canada based David Spriggs and Chinese born Xia Xiaowan , transform flat artwork into sculptures.

Rémi Noël - Batman's Adventures in Texas

Rémi Noël 's "Lonely Batman" series answers a lot of questions that until now have gone unaddresse.

Travis Louie - Phineas G. Gruffin, Acrylic on board 2010 20 x 16 in. 26 x 22 in.