Budapest Landmarks

A pictorial guide to Budapest's Must-See Places.
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the statue is on display in front of the bridge
Szabadság Híd
Szabadság Híd - Liberty Bridge Budapest, Hungary
an image of a castle in the snow
Fisherman's Bastion - Budapest, Hungary - Amazing photograph from the castle in the old town of Buda covered in snow. I have been to Buda, but never when is under snow, so, this year it is a must to visit again. If you are planing to visit the Hungary's capitol in the winter, have in mind that Buda is on hill and the wind is no stranger there, so that means that is freezing cold, make sure that you wear warm winter clothes. Pest is not as windy as Buda because it's located on a flat terrain.
an ornately decorated restaurant with red velvet seats and gold trimmings on the walls
Café New York, Budapest
a statue on top of a green bridge
Bistro Bock and a Final Bunch of Pictures - Budapest - A Bavarian Sojourn
liberty statue budapest
an empty street with cars parked on both sides and trees in the fall colors around it
Remember Autumn by Ioana Balan / 500px
A beautiful autumn day in Budapest. More
an old building with many windows reflecting the sky
Search: Art Nouveau buildings Budapest, Hungary
* * * * * ☆ Favorite * Older art nouveau building, Budapest, Thököly Street, Hungary
an apartment building with balconies and wrought iron railings
Budapest Art Nouveau
Budapest Art Nouveau, Szenes House Architect: István Nagy jr., built in 1906.
a large building on top of a hill next to the water with boats in front of it
Royal Palace
The Royal Palace in Budapest, Hungary
a boat is docked in the water next to a large city with lights on it
the inside of a building with ornate architecture
Budpest Opera House view 2
Budapest Opera House interior Hungary
an ornately decorated room with stairs and painted walls
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Museum of Applied Arts - Budapest, Hungary
an aerial view of a church in the city
Church of Krisztinaváros...Budapest
a large building next to a river with boats in the water and lights on it
The Most Photographed Places in Europe