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an old postcard shows people walking up the stairs to a train station in italy
Budapest, Gellért hegy az 1910-es években | Forrás:képeslap
an old church lit up at night time
Panoramio is no longer available
Assisi Szent Ferenc templom, Budapest, Hungary
an aerial view of a building with a statue in the center and trees surrounding it
Citadella (Budapest) – Wikipédia
Citadel, Budapest, Hungary
two statues holding hands in the middle of a rock area with trees and buildings in the background
The sculpture name Buda and Pest >symbol of the city > on Gellért Hill, Budapest, Hungary
two baskets sitting on top of a counter in front of a window with a view of the city
Kitchen with a view at BudaHome Citadella.
two large buildings lit up at night with lights on the top and bottom part of them
Night View Of St.Stephen's Basilica from BudaHome Sissi Apartment.
an orange bed in a bedroom with wooden flooring and walls painted pink, black and white
BudaHome Sissi Apartment.
a bedroom with wood paneling and orange bedding
BudaHome Citadella Apartment.
a large building lit up at night with lights on it's roof and trees in the foreground
Night View of Buda Castle from BudaHome Citadella Apartment.